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Volunteer Program

Join our Volunteer Program! Are you interested in being part of a dedicated and dynamic team of volunteers? Fill out our form below! You can help provide a crucial link to connect those in need with sustainable resources:


  •          Work and Learn in the Gardens

  •          Prepare Meals

  •          Help to host Events

  •          Run the Community Market

  •          Take Amazing Photographs

  •          Distribute Food

  •          Participate in Special Projects

  •          Recruit new Volunteers

  •          Contribute Specific Skills or Services

  •          and much more!

We invite one-time and returning volunteers, individuals, families, groups, corporate groups and businesses, classrooms and clubs, high school students looking to complete senior projects and community service hours, and anyone else wishing to support our mission.

Regular volunteers will receive training, a thorough tour of the Garden, and will become part of our growing team. Meals are typically provided during regularly scheduled volunteer work parties and events. Volunteers can also ask about joining one of our committees: Education & Outreach, Buildings & Grounds, or Development. Many of our volunteers help year-round to support all the good stuff we do. Please contact us if this sounds like inspiring work that you would like to be a part of!





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