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Our mission,
vision & values

Native seed sowing at the Food Forest

Our mission

Is to improve our community's health by providing opportunities to learn, build relationships, and grow food together. Each of our programs works towards this goal by providing opportunities to build relationships, learn, and grow food together.

Our vision

Is a community that thrives because all people are valued and nourished through meaningful connections and healthy, affordable food. The ADCG welcomes all community members and offers many ways to get involved!


We believe that all people should have access to healthy and affordable food, and that a local community food system is vital to thriving and resilient communities.

The community gardens pledge
A view of the community garden when the Norway Farmers Market is on

Values that guide our work

We Value Belonging

We strive to create a culture of care and promote an environment where all people are welcome and are provided opportunities to participate in meaningful ways. We believe that isolation and disconnection are root causes of poor health and that it is important to provide spaces for people to feel valued and connected. We believe that belonging can be the catalyst for positive change. When community members feel a sense of trust and belonging, they are more likely to engage in behaviors that promote well-being for all. When the work gets tough, we remember the joy that comes with doing it alongside one another.

We Value Equity

We believe that everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to be healthy and to reach their full potential. We value food justice and food sovereignty and believe that equitable access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food is a right. We recognize that our community contains a diversity of experiences, perspectives and resources, and strive to meet people where they are whenever possible. Systemic barriers contribute to inequities and health disparities. We strive to prioritize the needs of those who experience systemic barriers, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, people with low-income, and people with disabilities. We work to shape our programming so that it is accessible to everyone. We value the health of everyone in our community.

We Value Continuous Learning

We celebrate curiosity and an open-mindedness to growing, changing and continuously trying to improve ourselves and our organization. We value supporting food growers and eaters of all experiences by connecting them with soil, seeds, plants, and knowledge/skills. We will bravely examine when systems and processes aren't serving the best interests of our community, and look for better possibilities. We value learning from each other as a community.

We Value Relationships

We build trust, honesty, respect, empathy, and caring into our relationships within the organization, across the community, and with the land we inhabit. This means we value the people, time, skills, process, and space this requires.

We Value Collaboration

We work to uphold a space where a diversity of voices, opinions, and stories can safely cohabitate, co-create, and co-innovate. We listen to and are guided by our community’s voices. We value working together with people and organizations, sharing power, listening, and being direct and transparent; all of which allows this organization to be community-led and to adeptly respond to community needs.

We Value Sustainability

We believe that all life on this earth is interconnected and when we approach food systems from a place of reciprocity, both the earth and those who inhabit it will benefit. We believe that humans can coexist with other ecosystems. This must be done intentionally through lasting practices, including growing food with organic methods and avoiding waste. We believe small-scale, localized food production is critical to addressing the large-scale problems of climate change and poverty. In this way, we work to model radical shifts towards sustainable solutions.

Want to know more?

We delve deeper into our impact in the community in the 'Alan Day 2022 Garden Report'.

PDF (11.3 MB)

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