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Below is a diverse collection of resources that are all deeply connected to equitable food access.

A hand holding radishes grown at the community garden
Gardener growing salad at the community garden
A bunch of carrots grown at the community garden


We hope these resources will support you in learning about the ways that food, race, land, and justice are intertwined, and to help you grow and share foods for yourself and your family. Finally, we hope that these resources will inspire you to seek out deeper and ongoing learning. 


Gardening how-to:

UMaine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Manual

A comprehensive guide to topics in gardening ranging from composting and growing high-maintenance vegetables, to soil development and fruit tree care. 

MOFGA Guide to Growing Organic Crops

A guide to starting an organic garden, covering topics in site and seed selection, how to plant common crops, and extending the growing season.

Liberation on Land Skillshare Video Series

This video series features Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color growers and land stewards. Each video shares a skill that is relevant to growing food or living closer to the land.

UMaine Cooperative Extension Workshops Calendar

Interactive workshops covering a vast array of topics from home garden pest control to homestead livestock selection. 

Media for ongoing learning:
Food and land justice organizations:

Liberation Farms

Liberation Farms is a collective of Somali-Bantu farmers based in Wales, Maine. Liberation Farms farmers grow food for themselves, their families, and their communities through The Little Jubba Central Maine Agrarian Commons.

Bomazeen Land Trust

A Wabanaki-led land trust that reestablishes and reaffirms the caretaking roles of Wabanaki people for Wabanaki lands. 

Sunlight Media Collective

An organization of Indigenous and non-indigenous people working together in Wabanaki lands to share stories of Wabanaki experiences, with particular emphasis on environmental issues and their implications for tribal rights.

Land in Common

A member-run land trust on Wabanaki territories that seeks to transform the relationship between people and the land.

Soul Fire Farm

A community farm that centers Afro-Indigenous experiences, Soul Fire Farm is a space where life giving food, community, and skills are grown and shared. 

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