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Alan Day

Alan Day was a community activist who lived for many years in the Oxford  Hills area of Western Maine. Alan was active in the visual, performing and healing arts and in cooperatives, including Fare Share Market in Norway. Alan was extremely generous and active in the Maine Community Foundation, Maine Initiatives and other philanthropic efforts.

Alan’s twin teenage daughters, Emma and Ruby DayBranch and their mom, Katey Branch, have helped to found the Alan Day Community Garden.  Alan made it known that this largely abandoned wet field and its barn would make a great community garden. He left the land to his daughters and would certainly be pleased with this energetic community project. Emma made a short video about the creation of  the ADCG.

There are so many ways to support and engage with the community garden as it continues to grow and change with the seasons, with the work of many hands, and the visions of volunteers.  You can join in at the garden for a work day, attend one of the free workshops that are offered, donate money and materials to help support the project, plant a row of food for yourself, and take initiative to begin new projects that you see a need for.  Because the ADCG is a nonprofit, all donations are tax-deductible. Whatever you may be able to offer, we encourage you to join in and help plant the seeds for the future of our Oxford Hills Community.

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